Dog Hotel Conica


You can bring your dog and pick him up between 9 and 11 a.m. or between 5 and 7 p.m.

We are here for you and your four-legged friend 365 days a year.

Hotel reservation


We can tell you the access password on 777 606 616

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Dog hotel is situated near Ořech, which is between Řeporyje and Barrandov, just next to Prague Ring (Expressway R1) in the direction of Václav Havel Airport Prague, Kladno or the highway to Plzeň (map).

Hotel pro psy Hotel pro psy

Dogs are housed in clean spacious kennels with 3 solid walls, roof and wooden floor, which should protect your dog's joints and also from getting cold…. Southern kennels are equipped with blinds for partial shading. Every kennel is equipped with isolation cabin, which is divided into entrance and sleeping area. We offer kennels in the following sizes: metres (photo). 2x2 metres (photo), 3x2 metres (photo) or 4x2 metres (photo).

It is possible to turn the heating on in case of cold weather. Some kennels enable free space for running around.

Prices from 230 CZK per day per dog.


Dogs get 3 walks a day – according to the dog's character either run freely with others dogs at an enclosed area or alone on the leash. The area covers around 10,000 square metres. 

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Dogs are fed 1-2 a day, according to the dog's eating habits. Puppies, teenage dogs and dogs with special diet requirements are fed upon agreement with the owner. You can choose from high-quality dehydrated dog food, canned food or you can supply your own food which your dog is used to.

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What to take with you?

You must present your dog's valid vaccination certification! (rabies, parvovirosis, leptospirosis, canine distemper). We also reccommend an innoculation against canine adenovirus.
Each of our guest must be in good health and without any unwanted parasites in their fur… Then it is up to the owner's consideration what other things could make the dog's stay more pleasant. Please do not bring a television – the other dogs would get jealous :)

Psí hotel

  • short-term boardingDogs can be housed even for one day (wedding, workload).
  • medium-term boardingThe most frequent option (holiday, business trip, hospital or spa stay).
  • long-term boardingDogs can be housed for several months (internships, surgery recovery).
  • additional servicesYou can also choose from additional services, for example basic obedience, correcting problem behaviour or jogging.
  • no exceptionsWe can also house aggressive dogs (or problematic in other ways) and bitches in season (oestrus).
  • transportupon prior agreement we can transport your four-legged friend from home to the hotel and at the end of the stay back home..

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Dog hotel in winter

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